Baxta is: Your Calendars.Your Way.

In a world where most of us have more than one calendar account, often in different places (Google, Outlook, Apple iCal), Baxta has been created to seamlessly bring them together into one place.

Baxta is completely free. Start here now:


With Baxta, there’s no longer a need to rely on text messages, What’sApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DMs to organize an event with the people you value most. Now you just need Baxta!

How it Works

Sync your external calendars from Google, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook

Create calendar groups based on life categories of work, family, friends, sports, co-parenting and more!

When all of your friends or sporting group use different calendars, and also a mix of mesenging communication tools, it can be a challenge to bring everyone together and know when it works to schedule a Zoom Call or in-person (socially distant) meet up.


Invite members and to join groups and
get a 360° look into everyones schedules

Groups make it easy to schedule time with other people such as teams at work, your running club, a group of friends who regularly catch up or perhaps a co-parenting family structure where children move back and forth between homes.

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Baxta gives you visibility into group members calendars so you can find available slots of time in an instant!

Baxtas privacy settings allow you to choose how group members will see your calendar. Decide to show your full calendar, or just busy/available.